- Who runs this blog?

I go by Egophiliac — here’s a link to my deviantArt and to my regular tumblr. If you need to e-mail me for some reason, you can drop me one at

- [ Anything about the Moonstuck dub ]

I have absolutely zero involvement in the Moonstuck dub and the flash game. They are not “official” or a part of Moonstuck canon. I cannot answer any questions about them.

- What do you use to draw?

Moonstuck is drawn on a Wacom Intuos4 graphics tablet. Up through panel 444, it was done in Photoshop CS, with ImageReady used to assemble the animated gifs; from 445 onwards, it’s done in Photoshop CS3 and ImageReady. I sometimes do concepts and storyboarding on paper, but the finished product is pretty much purely digital.

- How did Moonstuck come about? Where did “Woona” come from?

I was hanging out in the 20PC chat, and somehow we got on the topic of doing an MSPA-style ask blog, someone said the word “moonstuck”, and things just spiralled out of control from there. As for Woona, I don’t know; fandom was using “Printest Woona” to refer to cutesy-filly Luna long before Moonstuck started.

- Why don’t you keep submissions on for longer?

Please keep in mind that I get literally hundreds of suggestions at a time (no, I’m not exaggerating). I really do appreciate every message, and I try to read every command, but I would be absolutely overwhelmed with suggestions if I were to leave submissions open for more than a few hours (or worse, all the time).

- When can I find out if submissions are open?

There is no set time for submissions to be open (it’s basically whenever I have the time and inclination to update), but you can follow Woona’s Twitter to see announcements when submissions are opened.

- How do you decide what commands to use?

Only one command goes at the top of each panel, but I use ideas and suggestions from other commands. Oftentimes what determines the command that gets used is how well I feel it works narratively. I read every single command, and every single command helps to shape the story, whether it appears on top of a panel or not. Don’t attach too much importance to the command that gets shown with the panel. Even if it’s not the one that you submitted, your input is still affecting what Woona does and what happens in Moonstuck. ♡

- Can you make it easier to find the first post/first page of posts?

There are now buttons on the top and bottom of each page, thanks to RedEnchilada!

- Can you explain what some of the less straightforward tags mean?


- sorry cahoonas shows up whenever Woona does reasonably complicated origami; it’s my apology to Cahoonas, the talented fellow who took it upon himself to fold all of the Cartographer’s Creations, as seen here. (He made me promise never to do a Cartographer’s Blivet.)

- sorry toberg refers to Toberg, the awesome guy who translates Moonstuck into Russian. If I’m not going to be ashamed of my terrible puns, I can at least be ashamed of making him deal with them. Sorry!

- hi tim means that Tim is lurking somewhere in the background.

- Can I get a print of this panel? Can you make a poster size of this panel?

None of the Moonstuck panels are print-quality, sorry! (Unless you’re printing a billboard or something, but that’s a different kettle of fish.) They’re all drawn at the size you see them at, and no larger versions exist; if I tried to print them, they’d come out like this. I’d have to redraw them completely, and that’s not something I’m interested in doing at this point.

- You should make a book of Moonstuck and sell it!


- May I make shirts/prints/merchandise?

First of all, let me do the obligatory ‘oh my gosh, people actually like Moonstuck this much, eeee’ dance. Thank you!

Generally: please do not use anything Moonstuck-related to represent any organization, movement, ideology, or the like (for instance, don’t use Woona as the mascot for your hate speech group, and yes, I have had to deal with situations like that in the past). Aside from that, if it’s 100% your own work (like a plushie, customs, or a piece of fanart you drew, that kind of stuff), then I don’t mind, although if you’d like to make it something regularly available instead of a one-time commission or something, I’d prefer if you talked to me first. I would also appreciate credit and a linkback — and a picture! — although that’s not necessary. :D

If you’re using any part of my art in it, then I’m cool with it being made (but not sold) provided that 1) you’re only making a few (say, no more than three) for personal use only, and 2) you’re not commercializing it in any way (this includes selling it at-cost or as part of a non-profit or the like, even for charity). That includes those make-your-own-shirt/mug/mousepad/whatever sites like CafePress or RedBubble.

- But it’s fanart, so you can’t tell people how to use it! Also, if you don’t want anyone selling it, you should’ve done it first!


- What is six times nine?

Five tons of flax!