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Welcome to Moonstuck! Moonstuck was a reader-driven adventure story based on characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, although it takes place in an alternate universe from canon (and is set in Luna’s childhood, not during her banishment). It’s suitable for most ages, aside from some minor swearing in the early pages.

The story officially completed on November 4th, 2012, and no more commands will be accepted — though it remains up for reading. You have a few options on how to read it:

1 - read it on the tumblr page (newer posts shown first)

2 - read it chronologically on the tumblr page (by clicking either here or on the ‘read chronologically’ button on the sidebar) — I recommend this method as it’s much less confusing than reading it backwards!

Please keep in mind that Moonstuck’s odd format means that it reads choppily in places — I’ve been told it’s fine as long as you keep that in mind, so just remember that 99% of it was made up on the fly based on reader commands and so the pacing is pretty hit-and-miss.

If I had to split it up into chapters, I would probably go like this:

  • 1-13 - Prologue
  • 14-69 - Observatory I

(The above were back when Moonstuck first began, when I was still figuring out where I wanted to go with it. From here on out it becomes much more focused.)

  • 70-201 - Lunar Maria
  • 202-280 - Bat Ponies I
  • 281-344 - Maze I
  • 345-411 - Bat Ponies II
  • 412-434 - Maze II
  • 435-479 - Observatory II
  • 480-536 - Changelings I
  • 537-595 - Rocs I
  • 596-639 - Changelings II
  • 640-666 - Rocs II
  • 667-704 - Lunar Waterways
  • 705-751 - The Smooze
  • 752-781 - Tower of Jam
  • 782-840 - Final Boss I
  • 841-873 - Final Boss II
  • 874-889 - Final Boss III
  • 890-904 - The End
  • 905-908 - Epilogue

Even though Moonstuck is over, feel free to leave comments (not commands) through disqus! Please keep comments in good taste and to a G/PG level; I do still keep track. image

For more Moonstuck, here are the relevant tags for my tumblr and deviantArt. For my current pony project, you can check out Slice of Life, an ongoing timeskip comic about the Cake family - although please keep in mind that it doesn’t take place in the same universe and has nothing to do with Moonstuck.

Thanks for reading!

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